{ZERO CODE DEVELOPMENT} Creating Posts when Entity is updated in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015

Activity feeds are enabled for some out of box entities automatically in CRM for specific actions. Recently there was a query on CRM community how to be able to create posts when an Entity is updated.

Solution: Create an out of box workflow on entities you want to have auto post on updates.

Step 1: Taking example of lead entity, create a workflow on update of lead entity:


Note: It is not necessary to create synchronous workflow.

Step 2: All fields must be selected in Records field change (If you want specific, you can update specific):


Step 3:

Create Post in the processing step:



Step 4: Activate this, follow a lead record (Follow button via ribbon). Your changes will now start appearing in What’s new area as well as posts area on the record:

What’s new area below:


Posts on Record’s wall :


Hope it helps!


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