{New Utility} Synchronous Rollup for Dynamics CRM 2015

Synchronous Rollup is a utility to apply rollup synchronously as well as has some advantages over the

limitations provided by Rollup fields for specific business scenarios.

How to Apply Sync Rollup?

The solution comes with a Parent and Child entity, a sample workflow and a custom workflow activity.

The allowed values for operation name are:

· sum

· avg

· min

· max

The allowed value for output type are:

· money

· decimal

· int

Conditions can be set in the workflow when to use them.

Series of workflows can be used in Tandem.


· You can define a maximum of 100 rollup fields for the organization and up to 10 rollup fields per entity.

No such restrictions, only performance considerations while using this utility.

· A workflow can’t be triggered by the rollup field updates, no such restrictions using this utility.

· A rollup over the rollup field is not supported, but in this utility is supported.

· The business rules, workflows or calculated fields always use the last calculated value of the rollup field.

Using this utility they give the latest value.

Where to Download? Here: Click here

Sample Configuration:




How it is done?

Aggregate Fetchxml queries

Note: Only works for 1:n relationship types.

Please let me know if there are any issues in comments.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


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