{SCIRPTING TIP} Filter Lookup field based on Date Range in Dynamics CRM

Requirement: to filter a Lookup field options dependent on the date field in the current entity.


Description: The lookup field has fields for dates and field should be filtered based on them. For example,

Date on the current entity is 07/10/2015. Lookup field start date should only allow start date in lookup entity to be earlier or equal to 07/10/2015 and end date on the lookup field should be same or after the current entity date 07/10/2015. Only those dates should be allowed to selection.


This was achieved by adding Pre-filter to the lookup field as below:

function preFilterLookup()


      Xrm.Page.getControl(“lookupfieldname”).addPreSearch(function ()


            var dateObject = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“datefieldname”).getValue();

            var editedDate = yyyymmdd(dateObject);


            if (dateObject != null)


                  // Filter the fetchxml by date range

                  fetchXml = “<filter type=’and’><condition attribute=’startdatefieldname’ operator=’on-or-before’ value='” + editedDate +

                        “‘ /><condition attribute=’enddatefieldname’ operator=’on-or-after’ value='” + editedDate +

                        “‘ /></filter>”;

                  // Apply the filter to the field





Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


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