{Milestone} Learn Dynamics CRM App hits 50 downloads on Google Play store

10 days back I launched the first Dynamics CRM Blog App on Google Play store:

Learn Dynamics CRM


This is the first and only app on Google play store to Learn Dynamics CRM and its free!

With the power of you guys and CRM community I have already reached 50 downloads across more than 10 countries.


Thanks a lot guys and please promote my little CRMing effort in your networks and download it using your Android devices.


{SCIRPTING TIP} Filter Lookup field based on ownership in Dynamics CRM

Requirement: To filter a Lookup field options dependent on the record ownership for Lookup entity as the current user or his/her teams.


Description: The lookup field should be filtered based on lookup entities record owned by the current user or his/her teams.


This was achieved by adding Pre-filter to the lookup field as below:

function preFilterLookup()


      Xrm.Page.getControl(“lookupfieldname”).addPreSearch(function ()


// Filter the fetchxml ownership

fetchXml = “<filter type=’and’><condition attribute=’ownerid’ operator=’eq-useroruserteams’/></filter>”;

// Apply the filter to the field




Note: Applies to CRM 2013 and up.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

{Announcement} Launching Google Play store App for MSDYNAMICS BLOG

Today Blog app for MSDYNAMICSBLOG for Google Play store is released.

Now you can keep learning Dynamics CRM with this App on your Android devices, here is the link:



How this app idea was incubated:

Someone: All you know is CRM right, what other technologies do you know?

Me: I am a quick learner, Once you can work with CRM you can work with anything – including Android apps as well.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

{Lessons Learned}Customizing the Social Pane in Dynamics CRM

Scenario 1: Customer wants Post tab to be removed from Social Pane

Currently customer is seeing Social Pane under Account and other Sales entity as below:


Customer wanted two things:

· Remove Post tab from visibility

· Default to Activities instead of Post tab

Well, second bit was pretty easy: I just defaulted on the Social Pane on Form Editor ->

Double Click Social Pane on Form Editor-> Under Display change the Default tab:


Good stuff, now for the second set of the problem. Removing Post tab completely.

I got methods like this one, totally unsupported:


The next thing I did was removed users Access on the Post entity in their Security Role. The tab was still visible, however when somebody clicked it, they got the privileges error.

This was as close to good I got, when I went to fellow MVPs for help.

And, MVPS are MVPs for a reason. MVPs @FrankLeeCRM and @edwardsdna came up with the solution for the problem.

Regarding the Post tab – should be able to remove out of the box via configuration.  Settings >> Activity Feeds Configurations >> Post Configuration >> Inactivate the entity

Publish the entity.

And the Post tab will disappear:



Lesson Learned: There is often a supported easier way to achieve what you need in Dynamics CRM, you just need to keep trying.

Scenario 2: Customer wants to change the Phone call which appears when using Social pane to Add Phone call activity.

This one is a bit more restricted and there is no supported way to edit this user control at the moment:


Well, I have found some alternate ways though. Suggestions from another great CRM MVP @CRMLarry got me to remember this alternative.

Use Activity grid instead of Social pane.

I have explained on this approach in a past blog which I came to remember, here is the link:


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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Thanks Microsoft and community for the BUSINESS SOLUTIONS MVP AWARD 2016

MVP_BlueOnlySmallI was awarded for the second time as a Dynamics CRM MVP.

I want to keep contributing for the next year and beyond. It has been a great journey so far for me and blog has been an integral part of it.

I want to thanks everyone in the community that view my videos on read my blog, my CRM YouTube channel  and finally follow me on twitter and other social media networks.

Thanks Microsoft within the organisation as well which gave me the boost to start leveraging my ability well, both when I was an employee and now when I am serving the community.

Happy CRMing!