The idea of Stand up meeting is very simple but meetings are always disliked by developers.

Daily CRM stand up calls give a clear idea on the ground level delivery of a CRM project during most phases of the project.

This blog particularly is targeted for Development phase.

The whole team (usually no more than 10 people) does something similar to a stand up so everyone can see each other.

In a Lync/Skype call it is moderated one by one in a given order.

The “facilitator” that was chosen for the team will go one by one and ask each team member three simple questions:


What did you do yesterday?

This can be things that were completed by a developer and helps to keep track

of the progress made on Development items.


What are you going to do today?

This can be things that are planned by a developer and helps the team to know

the work which will be done today by each developer.


Is there anything stopping you from getting your work done?

This are blockers that will stop the developer for getting his or her job done on time and must be resolved.

Usually it is the responsibility of Team lead/Project manager to get a quick resolution for this problems/issues.



· Make it a technical discussion

· Make it a forum for personal issues

· Make it an advisory board.

It will prove effective strategy as long as above 3 points are not made part of this meeting!

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


{Customization and Scripting Tip} Workaround for showing some number fields without comma in Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM provides a wide range of fields, one of them is whole number fields.

Sometimes there is a requirement to show this whole number fields in Dynamics CRM without the “,” in the value.

This can be easily achieved if we want to remove “,” from all whole number fields by

navigating to Personal settings and remove it for all whole number fields.

However, it is not often the case when I would want to remove comma from all my whole number fields.

So, the workaround?

I went through a few options and choice is totally dependent on the business scenario at hand.

I am taking example of a Year field below:

If you have a pre-set field for year you can go for a lookup field or option set if the number of years

in the field is lesser.

In my case I have done a small text field of length 4 and added some scripting to the same

End result is something like this:

If I enter a non-numeric field in the Text year field and hit save:


When numeric value is entered, lets the user save:


Volla, without a comma, which was indeed the base of the problem.

And the script behind (You can definitely add a year range validation also, I skipped it in

This example):

function onsave(context)


 var stringValue = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“dynamics_year”).getValue();

 var numberValue = parseInt(stringValue);

    if(isNaN(numberValue)) {

    Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification(“Year is not entered in correct format.”, “ERROR”,“1”);

    // Do not let user save









One last thing, to note: During registering the script on save event on the form do not forget

the highlighted checkbox (to pass the context to the script as first parameter):


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!