{Power 2022} Automate Scheduled Flow to Create a Task and Sales Assistant Card from 3 Days before the Closing Date of Opportunity in Opportunity Sales Process


Create a Task and Sales Assistant Card for Opportunity Owner and send him 3 Days before the Closing Date of Opportunity Estimated Close Date.


We are going to create a “Schedule Cloud flow” to implement the requirement mentioned above:

  • Go to https://flow.microsoft.com(Make sure you are in the correct environment)
  • Select Solution -> Open your Solution -> then Select Cloud flows from left navigation pane
  • Click on “New” button -> Select “Automation” -> Select “Cloud Flow” -> then select “Schedule Cloud flow”.
  • Give Flow Name as “Create a task 3 days before Est Close Date”.
  • Enter starting Date and Time when you want to run Scheduled Flow.
  • Enter the Duration/Time Interval (Repeat Every) you want run a flow. In this case we want it to run every day so we will select 1 Day.
  • Then click on Create.
  • Then click on “New Step”
  • Select the action as “List Rows”. In our scenario, we are triggering our flow to check if an Opportunity Close Date is in next 3 days, so first we retrieve records of opportunities which will be closed after 3 days.
  • Rename the trigger action as “List Opportunity which close in 3 days”.
  • Select “Opportunities” under Table name.
  • Add Fetch XML of Opportunity Entity under Fetch XML Query.
  • Then click on “New Step”.
  • Now, add “Apply to each” Condition from Choose an operation -> Control.
  • After Select Apply to each Condition, select an output from previous step as VALUE from List Opportunity as shown below.
  • Then click on “Add Action” for Creating a Task.
  • Then Add a Dataverse Trigger “Add new Row” for Creating a new Task.
  • Select “Task” under Table name.
  • Select “Topic” which is Opportunity Name from dynamic content under Subject as shown below.
  • Add “opportunities(Opportunity GUID)” under Regarding(Opportunities) field, which is Look-Up field in Task.
  • For creating a Assistance Insight Card, Select Create Card for Assistance v3 Action as per below Image.
  • After Selection Create Assistance card action, fill all required fields as per following Image.
  • Select Environment Which we use form drop-down menu.
  • Enter card name which we display on Insight card.
  • In Card Header section, Write Header for the Card using Task Topic.
  • In Card Text, we write detail message for card.
  • In Primary Action type we select Option which u want to perform, in our case we select Open record.
  • In Primary Action text we write short message which is show in pop up format.
  • In Primary Action entity type we select entity on which we require to display a Assistance Card.
  • In Primary Action record ID type we select entity on which we require to display a Assistance Card.  
  • Then Save the flow and Test flow by selecting Manual Test.


Now, check record whose Est. Close Date is after 3 days from today, for which Task should be Created in Timeline of that Opportunity record.

  • Now we will Open Form (as shown in highlighted square logo)
  • After Opening a Task Record, we can see data is auto populated which we added into the flow along with Subject and Regarding Lookup field.
  • After Opening Assistant It gives notification and Insight Card for Opportunity Entity Record which is Closed In next 3 days.

Hope it helps!

Power 365ing as usual!

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