ERD Generator for Dynamics CRM 2015 is a Windows Form/WPF application that is available on following link:


If broken, Please use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lt716cyj3df3a7k/ERDGenerator.docx?dl=0


For Older CRM 2011/2013 refer following link:


Here is a video to see how this will work:

Just download the above .doc file and rename it to .zip and run the tool.

*I have updated this tool with .Net Framework 4.5.2 update with UI updates, new Xrm Tooling WPF control and fixed a bug of object instance is already set to the object.

Please report to me if you still find issues at deepeshsomani@hotmail.com*

This tool allows you to build ERD (Entity relationship diagrams) that are dynamically updated based on the published CRM entities and Fields. You can pick a source entity and build ERD around it. It generate a VISIO output but also lets you pick CSV to document Entity relationships.

It generates a CSV having details like:


It generates ERD in VISIO:


Visio legend below:


Hope it helps!

Check this out

25 thoughts on “{New Version}ERD GENERATOR TOOL FOR CRM 2015

  1. Hi,

    Will it work if in the server address I enter crm6.dynamics.com? In the server name I am entering crm6.dynamics.com and then my custom credentials and it does not return my Organisation name in the drop down.


      • In the older version for CRM 2013 I didn’t have any connection issues but when I try this new version and try and connect to a CRM 2015 online instance it’s making me put in a server name and it’s not taking anything. what should I put in this field?

  2. I get this error:

    Error while retrieving organization : Authentication Failure
    An unsecured or incorrectly fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail

  3. Hi Deepesh Somani,
    It’s really a nice tool.I have a question I saw in ERD we have different color of entities some are bule some are green some are white . What does that shows? Thanks

  4. Hi Deepesh,
    Downloaded the tool. but can’t connect. I’m using cloud version of dynamics CRM (365 ? ) and after pressing login, getting “an error occured while processing request”. When I press on “view error log”, I’m getting error that log file is not created.
    Please advice

  5. I have downloaded the tool and was able to login with proper org and select the entity. Issue I am facing is, it is not downloading the CSV or Visio file in the path specified in the tool. It just says “Operation completed” and no output!!

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