{QUICK TIP}Top 4 Reasons why Business process flow documentation is needed in Dynamics CRM Implementations

With the advent of Business process flows in CRM 2013, CRM out of box can also cater to business process flows modelling the real world problems in more effective manner.

With that, there is a need to consider documentation of the business process flows properly as well.


Below is a list of top 4 reasons why this is absolutely needed:

1. Documentation and Standardization:

You may think that this applies mainly to large organizations, but small companies can greatly benefit from documenting their processes as well.

Small enterprises need to be nimble and organized. Standardizing their processes is a great way to achieve this.

The best way to start doing that is to document, draw flows right from the start!

2. Continuous Improvement:

Business process flows don’t manage themselves. To ensure that you are meeting your customers’ needs, you need to take control of your business processes.

The first step to effective management is to define the current state of your processes by creating an “As-Is”. This allows you to analyse your processes for inefficiency.

After you have identified areas for process improvement you can leverage them for continuous improvements!

3. Regulatory and Quality Management Requirements

Your business processes may be subject to regulatory requirements, which requires that your processes be clearly defined and documented.

4. The Big Picture!

Documenting the business processes will definitely make you look at the bigger picture and understanding the business is key in ERP software.

Once you understand the business better, you will always make customer happy!

Hope it helps!