Search Enhancements in CRM 2015

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Multi Entity Search

CRM 2015 have added option for multi entity

With Maximum 10 entities at a time (can also be used for filtering the result)

Clicking on “+” in the result opens the quick create form for that record

To set up Quick Find search, Go to à Adminsitration à System Settings

Click on Select to select the entity and specify the order for them.

Maximum of 10 entities can be added for search. (Supports custom entities)

The Search is based on Quick Find View of the respective entity. i.e. based on Find Columns defined in it.

The result displays first 4 column of the Quick Find View.

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Nested Quick Create form in CRM 2015

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Nested Quick Create form in CRM 2015

In CRM 2013,

If we click on Create button for Quick Create a record

Say for e.g. Contact record

And want to create a new Account record to be associated to it

We need to click on “Look Up More Records” and then “New”

This opens up the default Contact form

However in CRM 2015,

We have a New Button

It will open the Quick Create Form for the account record instead of the default form as in the case of CRM 2013.

On creating and saving the account record, it will close the Account record and populate the lookup in Contact record

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