{Issue Resolution}CRM 2011/CRM 2013/CRM 2015: Sometimes Caching hurts!


Yesterday I had a frustrating problem where some user’s Ribbon buttons for Add new and Add existing functionality were not coming up. This users were not able to see them.

I started by going through roles, teams and security roles and scratching my head. I assigned all roles like them using my utility:


Buttons were still appearing for me.


As they had all required roles assigned to them a day before the issue was reported.

Then I remembered what could be happening here, Ribbon caching was my best guess.

I cleared local cache from user’s browser and the buttons started appearing.

This got me to think, well what is going on here.

Caching and CRM, I can put it up how this entire thing has troubled in various places to me in past as well.

So here it goes:

1. Ribbon buttons not showing properly the newly put rules or buttons: Caching might be the cause there

2. Web resources on form not taking up the latest version: Caching might be the cause here as well. There are possible ways to get around this one: http://www.develop1.net/public/post/CRM-Developer-e28098Must-Knowe28099-2-Web-Resource-Caching.aspx

3. Applied an update rollup or new version and hot fixes didn’t still appear: Caching can be to blame!

I found another case which I did not encounter myself: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crmcustomereffective/archive/2012/01/27/removing-query-data-cached-by-the-organizationservicecontext-in-microsoft-dynamics-crm.aspx

Resolution: For client side, for specific browsers or client machine clearing client cache will solve this for sure. Iisreset on CRM server will also push latest changes down.

Next time you face such issues, Caching might be one of the things you should look out for.

Hope it helps!