{Step by Step} Apply Patch Function from command using Power FX via new command editor

In continuation of my previous articles where we were exploring how to use the new Command designer, today we will learn how to apply a more complicated Patch function via Power Fx Command.

You can refer the previous parts as listed below:

Part 1: How to create a button:

Part 2: How to apply a Power FX command using Command

Part 3:Apply Show Hide rules using Power FX command

In this blog, we will learn about the Patch function of Power FX in PowerApps, and we will use it in button click using the brand-new command editor!

Today’s requirement is that the account name should be updated at the click of a button.

To implement this requirement, first we need create a command button for which you should refer to Part 1 mentioned above.

We have created a button named as “Patch.”

And, we have used this formula to implement our requirements and added the formula for the notification:

Patch(Accounts, Self.Selected.Item, {‘Account Name’: “Patched: ” & Self.Selected.Item.’Account Name’});Notify(“Acount name is Upadated successfully”)

Let us test this button now! 

As you can see the account name is updated on the click of the Patch button.

Hope it helps! 

Power 365ing as usual! 

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