{Quick Tip}Enabling custom plugin error messages to the PowerApps Portal page in D365

In this blog, we will learn about How to throw a custom error message in the PowerApps Portal page in D365.  

Sometimes when we are working on the PowerApps Portal, and we want to show some custom error message by using a Plugin based on some business logic, we will get a generic error message which is not useful to the end user that will say “An unknown failure has occurred. Error ID …” as shown in the fig. Given below : 

So, we will display the custom error message error with the help of the site setting in PowerApps portal. The steps are as follows: 

  • Firstly, Go to Apps > Portal Management  
  • Go to Site settings > New 

So, let us see what will do. 

Name - Site/EnableCustomPluginError 
Website – Whatever you have like Partner Portal, Customer Self-Service, etc… 
Value – true 

  • Then, Save & close.  

And go to portal > Sync Configuration and click on Browse Website. 

Let us see what happens! 

So, you will see the custom error message on the screen. 

Hope it helps!   

Power 365ing as usual!   

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