{Step by Step} Apply Power-FX Preview Formula Feature 

In this blog, we will learn about a new Power FX preview feature.   

Business requirement: To find difference between two dates by using “Formula” Data type. 

Follow this link to see “Formula” option as a data type.  

Link. (https://make.preview.powerapps.com/) 

After using this link, select the table where the “formula” data type is to be used. 

Here, we have created a table named as “Custom Table”. 

Now, we will add new column named as “Total Days” inside the table and select the data type as “Formula.” 

Also, we must already have created two date time columns “start date” & “end date.” 

  • Formula for Date Difference: 


Now, we must add this formula in “Total Days” field inside Formula section.

After that, we must Add columns to main form. And click on save to publish the outcome. 

Let us see what will happen! 

Hope it helps!  

Power 365ing as usual!  

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