{Power 2020 Tip # 12}Navigate function in Canvas Apps

Often there is a requirement in Canvas Apps to navigate from one screen to another. Today as part of the Power 2020 series blog 12, we will be covering this concept.


Navigate function is used to change the screen to be displayed from the current screen. By specifying the Navigate function on “OnSelect” property of the button, the user can change one screen to another. In the Navigate function, we can control screen transition, such as Fade, Cover, RightCover.


Navigate (Screen [, Transition [, UpdateContextRecord]])

Ø Screen (Required) – Name of the screen to display.

Ø Transition (Optional) – Visual transition between the current screen and new screen.

Ø UpdateContextRecord (Optional) – Record updates the context variable of the new screen.


Screen Transition Arguments:

ScreenTarnsition.Cover: The new screen covers the current screen, moving right to left.

ScreenTransition.Coverright: The new screen covers the current screen, moving left to right.

ScreenTransition.Fade: The current screen fades out to display new screen.

ScreenTransition.None(Default): The current screen suddenly changes to the new screen.

ScreenTransition.UnCover: It uncovers the new screen, moving right to left.

ScreenTransition.UnCoverRight: It uncovers the new screen, moving left to right.


Step 1: Create a blank Canvas app.

Step 2: Add two screens Screen1 and Screen2.

Step 3: Add a button to Screen1

Step 4: Type below formula on “OnSelect” property of the buttonclip_image004


Step 5: Run the app and click Button, Screen2 will appear.


Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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