{Power 2020 # 11} Feedback is a powerful tool for the community

One of the things which I occasionally write about is the non D365 and Power platform side of the house from time to time. In Blog 11 for Power 2020, I am focused to write on one such aspect of the Microsoft community. If you are just looking to have a D365 and Power platform related article, you may choose to stop reading here.


One of the things I see is When a typical professional is asked about how would you probably solve a problem on Dynamics 365 and Power platform. The answer would be I will search it on the internet or google it.

In case the solution is not found out there I will go out to Microsoft community and try to get an answer or solution. I might also occasionally connect with Industry experts and try to find a solution to the problem.

The end solution is typically found on a Blog or Video blog. So, today my focus is on appreciating all the awesome community folks who take time out to do those blogs and video blogs. As an active contributor to this ecosystem, I do understand that it takes an immense amount of personal time to be able to create content in any form – may it be in a written, video or audio format. I remember for instance for some of my videos, I have taken days for just editing the ones.

Sometimes what is saddening to see is Professionals will mention and occasionally like it on Social media about a particular article. Very seldom though, you will have feedback or comments in this regard to the article. In our quest to read a lot more and acquire quicker knowledge – somehow that probably takes too much time.

Today though I would want to request anyone who would be reading this blog article at any given point in time – Feedback is a very important tool for the community and Appreciation is an even more valuable one. So, next time some blog article or video helps you learn. Someone’s answer in the community helps you – Please do give the credit and appreciation before you again get busy with your day job.

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

Any problem in Power Platform or Dynamics 365 – end user, Microsoft partner or an individual?

Problem Area – Technical, Functional, Training, Development or consulting?

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