{Power 2020–Tip #2} Overview of Advanced Settings in PowerApps

Advanced Settings in PowerApps helps you to control Preview Features, Experimental Features, and Deprecated Features. By navigating File > Settings > Advanced Settings you can find all these features in PowerApps.clip_image002

In today’s article, we will discuss few Advanced settings in Power platform.

Advanced Settings:

Data row limit for non-delegable queries

Using this feature, we can set the size of records to be retrieved from server-based connectors. The default number of records is 500. We can store up to a maximum of 2000 records. But only certain connectors will support delegation.clip_image004clip_image006

Improve data source experience and Common Data Service Views

With this feature, the app designer can improve data source and Common Data Source Views in PowerApps studio and can filter data sets as well.clip_image008


If you turn off this feature, you might be not able to find the Data source panel icon over the rightedge of the canvas area.clip_image002[5]clip_image004[5]

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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