{Step by Step}Create Command button in Power Apps using command designer

In today’s blog we will learn how to make command button using command designer. I am taking out of box entity Contact as an example in which we would add a command button. 

The objective is to add a command button to the marked main grid ribbon area as in the below snapshot. 

So, let’s go ahead and create the command button. 

Add Command button using Edit in Preview method of Power Apps:

Open any model driven app, click 3 dots to choose Edit in Preview and choose entity for which you want to add button. 

Let us use Sales Hub app as an example:

After that you will get a new interface in which you have to select the three dots of the entity where the command button you to added Click on edit Command bar:

Choose where you want to add button.

You can choose from the Main grid, Main form, Sub-grid and Associated view to add buttons. 

Thereafter, click on new button then click on command:

A command button has been created, now let’s edit its label.And can also select the visibility of the button  

Click Save and Publish.

Finally now you can see that a command button has been created in the marked box, whose label text is “Entity Details”. 

Hope it helps!

Power 365ing as usual!

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