{Power 2021} New Merge experience in Dynamics 365 – UCI only

One of the great needs of any business application is to have the ability to maintain data quality. One of those ways is the ability to Merge records in Dynamics 365 which has been available as a feature for long time.

In the example, I will use today I have created two Dynamisity US records which have 1 child account record each.

Traditional merge experience looks something like this:


To enable the new and improved experience, Navigate to Advanced settings -> Duplicate detection settings and enable highlighted setting and click Ok:


Now let us go back, and Let us click on Merge again on those accounts and see what happens by default (remember to do a hard refresh, if new experience doesn’t show up) :


The great benefit here is getting the ability to by default have fields with Conflicting data.

Another checkbox I have is to Merge records by choosing fields with data.

Then, let us specify All fields from the location where data is filled in our example:


Merging record process started:


Now let us see in the grid that there is one single merged record:


What is interesting, let us see the hierarchy of accounts once:


To explain to you further I had placed Dynamisity India under one parent record “Dynamisity US” and Dynamisity Europe under another parent record “Dynamisity US”. Merge also took care of automatically moving the parent record for Dynamisity Europe record to the merged parent record.

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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