{Power 2020–Tip #1} Overview of Screen Settings in Canvas Apps

In case you are trying to build Canvas Apps to manage some part of your business – one key ask is to look for Screen settings for different orientation and size based on the needs of your organisation. Here is a quick Power tip to change it as per your needs:

You can choose portrait or landscape orientation and screen size (tablet only) by navigating File > App settings > Screen size + orientation.


Orientation Size Preview
Landscape 16:9 (Default) clip_image003[4]
Landscape 3:2 (Surface Pro 3) clip_image005[4]
Landscape 16:10 (Widescreen) clip_image007[4]
Landscape 4:3 (iPad) clip_image009[4]
Landscape Custom clip_image011[4]clip_image013[4]
Portrait 16:9 (Default) clip_image015[4]
Portrait 3:2 (Surface Pro 3) clip_image017[4]
Portrait 16:10 (Widescreen) clip_image019[4]
Portrait 4:3 (iPad) clip_image021[4]
Portrait Custom clip_image023[4]


There are some other settings worth the mention:

Scale to fit

By turning on this setting, your app screens resize to fit the available space on the device.

Lock aspect ratio

When Scale to fit setting is turned off, the Lock aspect ratio is automatically disabled. Also, the Width property of all screens is set to Max (App.Width, App.DesignWidth), and their Height property is set to Max (App.Height, App.DesignHeight).

Lock orientation

When you lock the app’s orientation, the app recalls the orientation that you define. Once the app is running on a device for which the screen is in a different orientation, the app displays inaccurately and may show unwanted issues. When you unlock the app’s orientation, it fits the screen orientation of the device on which it’s running.


Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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