{Quick Tip} 3 Tips to keep your CRM skills updated in a fast developing Dynamics CRM product roadmap

I haven’t written a post out for a while. Trying to reach out in this post to a broader topic of what I guess many of us are facing currently in the Dynamics CRM world.

Dynamics CRM releases have been on like a fast paced train at the moment. There have been acquisitions, releases, enhancements, fixes – all happening at a very rapid pace.

Many of consultants and people I talk to are trying to learn new features and utilize them daily at work.

In this post, I am putting up few pointers that you can benefit from to keep up with the latest releases of Dynamics CRM.



With such a vast variety of features that have come up with each release, its best to focus on what you need to use or learn then start figuring out everything. For example, if you are using Surveys in your implementation or trying to understand Field service, you might not as well start learning about Portals at the same stage. It will make sense to focus on each feature that you need – this is important as all the features are vast in the current release.



There are variety of resources you can use including Books, CRM community, blogs, webinars, tutorials, blogs, etc.

Fastest way to go through the resources you can use is to keep up to date with CRM community – that is straight out the best resource I keep using and then contributing back to.



No matter how strong a content you develop, in order to learn even one feature you need to prioritize time for what you need to be learning. One approach which has always worked is if I have to learn feature X first for business requirements, I put time out to learn that first.

Other CRM specific things which might benefit are:

· Go for the latest CRM online certification

· Go for the free CRM webinars on latest versions in community or the ones conducted by MVPs.

· Attend a CRM boot camp or training from an authorized Microsoft partner or Microsoft Training partner.

· Take the latest CRM online trial and do it on your own.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

If you want to know more on Dynamics CRM, just get in touch.

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