{Step by Step}Set up Outlook App for Dynamics CRM in Preview mode

Below post lists steps to set up Outlook App for Dynamics CRM in preview mode:

Step 1:

Go to Office 365 Administration settings-> Admin


Step 2:

Pick Add-ins ad highlighted in the screen.


Step 3:

Click + Icon and Pic Add from the Office store:


Step 4:

Search for CRM for Outlook App:


Step 5:

Click Add


Step 6:

Come back to list of apps and see that CRM for Outlook App is disabled


Step 7:

Enable the App and hit save.


Step 8:

Go to system settings and accept the preview feature:


Step 9:

Set up Server side Sync for the mailboxes you want to enable the App as per my earlier post:


Note: Do not forget to enable Synchronization for Tasks, Contacts etc. using Server side sync on the mailbox.

Step 10:

See the Outlook App for CRM in Action:


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


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