{Windows 10 special}Top 5 features CRM end users can benefit by using Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched recently by Microsoft and today I am publishing a series of blogs on Windows 10 features that can benefit the CRM end users:

1. Improved Start Menu: The first thing you notice when you launch Windows 10 is the improved start menu experience. I have seen the users working on Windows 8 tablets and wanting an improved start menu. Windows 10 comes to the rescue:


2. Edge browser: Officially Edge browser support is still awaited for most CRM versions. The updated news is here:


I had given a run on the experience in an earlier blog:


By doing this, I came to terms that Edge browser is definitely a notch faster than other ones out there.


3. Windows 10 tablet mode: This is a great user experience for ERP or multinational users. As soon as imply detach the keyboard and the desktop prepares itself for touch, the Start menu becomes the Start screen, and apps appear full screen, too. This opens a lot of opportunities for doing great user experiences with CRM where the apps can be using this combination mode to great benefits.


4. Windows 10 task view:

This is a new edition where users can switch between various apps or software they are using on Windows 10. This takes you to an app overview where you can use your mouse to select the app you want.

5. Windows 10 Cortana :

Undoubtedly, user experience is only going up with one of the most promising products with Windows 10 is the voice enabled assistant Cortana coming to aid with Windows 10.

Hope it helps and Happy Windows 10 experience!

Note: This mini-series is done as part of Windows 10 Tweetathon organised by Microsoft India MVP community.


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