{Quick Tip} How to change fields that are available on Lookup fields drop down list in Dynamics 365

Business Requirement: Often there is requirement in Dynamics 365 CRM Application to change the fields that are shown when a Lookup field is clicked and drop down list is presented. For example, by default in Primary contact the default fields that available on click of Lookup field are Contact Name, Email and Business Phone. In case this needs to be changed to Contact Name, Email and Contact City.

Default configuration of the Primary contact lookup drop down list is mentioned below:



Please follow below steps to change this to the required fields to appear in Lookup dropdown list.

1. Navigate to the Solution that contains Contact entity. Expand Contact entity, select Views and locate Contacts Lookup view. Double click on the Contacts Lookup view:


2. Notice in the view editor that the first 3 columns in the Lookup view are Full Name, Email and Business Phone.


3. Change them to Full Name, Email and Address 1: City: Save and Close.


4. Publish your customizations.



If you now navigate to Primary Contact field, notice the columns appearing in the Lookup drop down list have changed as desired:


Hope it helps and Happy Learning.

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