{Windows 10 special} 3 key features for security on Windows 10 which are great for end users

Windows 10 is launched recently and I have seen tons of content on the visual side of the offering. However, Windows 10 team has not only worked on visual experience and usability features. They have also taken care of Security enhancements which makes a lot of strides.

· Separation of Corporate and Personal data: Rules provisioned by IT administrators will deem data such as email, internal websites, applications etc, as corporate bound and Windows 10 will control access as set by IT administrators without user intervention.


· Encryption abilities for Phone and desktop: The encryption provided by the IT administrators will not only last for desktop along, it can also be configured for phone. This is a great improvement considering the increasing usage of mobile devices in companies now.


· Biometric authentication: This is not a new feature with OS nowadays and has been around for a while now, it will come packaged natively in Windows 10 without the need to install third party software.

This blog just covers some of the improvements with Windows 10 security features and improvements.

Hope it helps and Happy Windows 10 experience!

Note: This mini-series is done as part of Windows 10 Tweetathon organised by Microsoft India MVP community.


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