{Windows 10 special} Why Windows 10 is a needed gem for a mobile application developer?

Windows 10 was recently launched by Microsoft. It brings some of the best features available for user interface, security, browser, design, etc. Another perspective I gave a look was how Windows 10 platform brings to the table for an Application developer in ever increasing mobile app world.

Here are 2 main reasons Windows 10 is a needed gem for a mobile application developer:

· Universal Apps:

Universal sums up this feature particularly, Microsoft is having a great intention across all products, to streamline the app development for desktop, phones and tablets. This apps can work across the types of devices.

This helps an application developer by giving more support for not putting design time of streamlining apps across and focus more on functionality.


· Portability for Android and IOS based devices:

Microsoft has announced new toolkit which will support better portability for across the stack of Android and IOS devices, this is a welcome move as it means again the application developer can spend time on functionality and user experience, not on designing interoperability across devices.

It helps in managing better ALM for a company’s mobile strategy.


Hope it helps and Happy Windows 10 experience!

Note: This mini-series is done as part of Windows 10 Tweetathon organised by Microsoft India MVP community.


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