{Quick Tip}Designing web applications UX for a mobile world

Often I see that I am interacting with some kind of web application with CRM. In recent years, I have seen the apps been devised to work on variety of mobile devices and tablets across different browsers and operating systems.


This are few high level considerations that should be kept in mind for designing apps for Sales/Marketing or Service end users around Dynamics CRM in a ever increasing mobile CRM world:

· Functionality: Only the intended functionality should be designed in the web app, overdoing or not keeping the application simple can kill the purpose of the application. Any extra tabs or unintended buttons not spaced properly for instance can kill the usage of the application on a mobile or tablet.

· Content: Content in a website meant to run on tablets or mobile should be essential and not more than the one needed.

· Design for the thumb: It is very important to keep focus of the design in touch based devices should be around the users thumb. If there is enough space kept for the thumb usage, design will be properly spaced.

· Usability of the UI: It is essential to test the design properly to the target pilot users than just selling a design done by the developer. Agile and prototyping come to rescue here. Very easily can be a design which is a list box for one set of users is more convenient to be tabs for other in a mobile website. Thinking about mobile, tablets and touch experience becomes essential.

· Avoiding pop-ups: Just like CRM has moved to flow design, it is essential to navigate from one screen to another. Pop-ups have been proven to be a poor design for mobile websites.

This were just a few which I could see the top basic elements on the thought process. A good read is to do research on internet on mobile perspective because it is very important.

Hope it helps mobility design for you and Happy CRMing!


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