{Dynamics 365 Enhancements}New Visual Designer for Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

This blog is part of the series which I will use to cover all interesting enhancements coming in Dynamics 365.

In Dynamics 365 we have new visual designer for Business Process flows.

Here is a walkthrough for Business Process flow:

· Creating a new Sales Process on Lead entity:


· New editor will open up:


· Add Step to add further fields after selecting a Stage:


· After adding multiple steps in the stage, It will appear as below:



· For Adding a conditional branch Select +Add button and choose Add Condition:


· A + Tile will appear, Click on it:


· A condition box is visible (Right arrow is if condition is true part flow, wrong arrow shows condition is false part flow):


· Selecting true conditional flow:


· Click Add Stage to add a stage:


· Finally, will appear as below:


Want to document this?

No worries, just hit the snapshot button:


And here is an image for documentation available downloaded for you:


Great stuff Microsoft!

An old colleague of mine and well known Blogger on CRM Nishant has done a step of step for the new visual editor for Business rules here:


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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6 thoughts on “{Dynamics 365 Enhancements}New Visual Designer for Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365

    • You need not do anything, It might be something to do with region – can you tell me which region you have the org in?

      Only other place might be enable all Preview options under Settings->Administation

  1. I started a 30 days trial with Sles and Services and I still not able to see this new designer. should we activate something somewhere

  2. Looks good, nice screen shots of the new process. Do you know if it is now possible to have more than 10 active business process flows per entity, or is the same restriction in place?

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