{Quick Tip}Climbing the Career ladder in CRM consulting world!


To many of the old colleagues and some fellow CRM champions, this one is on what are the to-do list of things which you need to succeed in Dynamics CRM consulting world. It gives insight into kind of things you need to perceive in order to come up in the career ladder in the industry:

· Staying current requires continuous learning: The kind of journey Dynamics CRM product has embarked on you need to be always current in terms of your learning.

Good approach to do so is follow the updates from product team, blogs and keep doing certifications to be aware of what is going on in the newer versions of the product.

· Problem-Solving Skills and Logical Ability: In CRM you always need to have good problem solving ability.

A good way to start ramping this skill in respect of CRM is to keep involved in understanding various designs and solutions applied across your clients.

This might mean taking the extra effort to know it from your colleague but it is always worth it.

· Communication and People skills: This are absolutely important.

If you do not communicate effectively you would not succeed in CRM consulting world, because most roles will require customer facing

and to be effective there you need to be effective at both: communication skills and people skills.

· Networking and Personal Branding: No matter how good you are, next great opportunity, client or piece of work will only strike you if you are doing a good work

at Networking with people working in the Dynamics Market and improving personal branding – this is an important factor in

an ever increasing social networking model of recruitment industry has ventured into.

· Code Documentation and Neatness: I personally never like to go through a poor documented and code written without indentation and neatness.

So if you are not good at it chances are it is going to be hard to work in consulting industry where projects change

quickly between developers and without proper standards nobody will be able to work on your code.

· Get Familiar with Agile and Sure step methodology: Agile is no more a novelty now. It is more or less the way things work in software development today.

So, if you are still not familiar with it, it makes sense studying it and Sure Step methodology. A good way to understand Sure step methodology is to do functional certification in it.

· Get Familiar with Mobility scenarios: As the world becomes more mobile driven it becomes necessary to understand them, then when at some stage you would

need to design one it doesn’t pose you much challenge.

· JavaScript, Jquery and HTML5 Skills : In CRM industry extending client side by use of javascript, jquery and

HTML5 will always be an essential technical ability.

At the end of it all, it is also about trying to progress your career with right set of experiences, verticals and projects to become successful.

Happy CRMing!


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