{Quick Tip} Design it simple when you can with Dynamics CRM

Sometimes there are many simple options available to get to what customer needs. I will like to cite this with an example.

The new social pane in CRM 2013 and CRM 2015 is pretty good.

However, there are lot of limitations on it say you want to edit Add phone call form, it is not possible to do so.

In our case there are certain fields which client wanted to keep which were necessary to route phone calls to correct team and queue.

So, the ask from customer was in some way to add the phone call from there. Now there can be big unsupported ways which can be tried.

But the solution I suggested was a simple Activity sub grid instead of social pane.

The effect, it routes to the native form, also populates regarding. See the screen below:


It’s pretty effective and simple. Not only that when you hit + button,


You get popped up to default phone call form and fill in the details. This gives what the customer is looking for in a very simple way.

Hope it helps!