{ADVANCED FIND TIPS}Using Advanced find – Part 1 on Security roles, users, teams and views

One of the coolest features in Dynamics CRM is definitely advanced find. I have not seen any other product with such great search

capabilities in CRM space for end users, IT pros, Business users alike.


Anyways, let’s come to the core idea. This is part 1 of the mini series and I will start with really simple examples.

Here is an example to find all users who are System Administrator:


This will pull all users who are System administrator in the system:


Next one, finding users who are part of some team:



Way too simple, isn’t it?

Let’s get list of all Views in the system. Want to navigate to customizations area? Wait:


Here, Admin can go and quickly update the ones he or she wants:


Clicking will open View editor, no need to navigate anywhere. Just click Advanced find!

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


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