{Power 2020 Tip #14}Collections in Canvas App

Today as part of the Power 2020 series blog 14, we will try to understand Collections in Canva Apps.


The collection is a pack of items and it creates a copy of the data source. By using collections, users can store and manage data in the canvas app. Collection returns a data source as a table.

Functions used in Collections:

  • Collect
  • Clear
  •  ClearCollect


The Collect function helps to add records in Collection.


Collect( DataSource, Item, …)

DataSource (Required) – Name of data source that you want to add data. If the data source is not available, a collection will be created.

Item(s)(Required) – Records or tables to add to the collection.clip_image002


The Clear function removes all the records from the collection. Only records will remove, columns will not be removed from the collection.


Clear( Collection )

Collection (Required) – Name of collection you want to remove.clip_image004


The ClearCollect function is a combination of Clear and Collect functions. This function will remove all records from the collection and then add the records to the collection.


ClearCollect( Collection, Item, … )

Collection(Required) – Name of collection you want to clear and add records.

Item(s)(Required) – Records or tables to add to the collection.


By navigating View > Collection, you can see the collection.clip_image010

Manage Collection in Your Canvas App:

§ Add a new gallery

§ Select Contact as data sourc


Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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