{Power 2020–Tip #4 } Experimental features in PowerApps

In this post of Power 2020 blog series blog 4, we will go through the Experimental features in PowerApps

Experimental Features:

Optimize embedding appearance

By using this feature, you will align your app to the top left and will change the embedded background colour to white. clip_image002


Container Control

Once you enable this feature, you can insert a Container control into your app.





Web barcode scanner

Once you enable this feature, you can insert a Web barcode scanner into your app from the Media menu.



After turning on this feature, you can create and add components to your app. This means you can create a group of controls like “Header” and use it in multiple screens or multiple places in your app.


Enhanced formula bar

The enhanced formula bar provides you a new formula bar experience with speed and usability improvements. This feature gives suggestions to appear in the text area while you type in the formula bar. Also, the property drop-down has now been discoverable category into Action, Data, and Design.

You need to save and refresh your app to see the changes.


Deprecated Features:

Enable rules

By using this feature, you can create condition and record action in your app. But the “Rule” feature in the canvas app in PowerApps is deprecated now.



Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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