{POWER BI Step by Step} How to connect POWER BI Desktop to CRM online?

Do you want to use POWER BI for something other than what content packs for Sales and Service offer in CRM Online.

Well, you can – you just need to user POWER BI Desktop. Here are the steps:

Click on Get Data and select below options:



Click Connect and mention Org service URL:


Click OK and on next screen Choose Organisational account:


Clicking Sign-in will open up Office 365 Login page, Enter your office 365 credentials:


Once credentials are specified, Click Sign in and you should see following screen:


The message “You are currently signed in” must appear. Click Connect now.

This will start Configuration. Once configured, you will be presented with the following screen:


If you need any POWER BI or CRM assistance, just get in touch.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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4 thoughts on “{POWER BI Step by Step} How to connect POWER BI Desktop to CRM online?

  1. Thanks Deepesh! We are migrating from CRM 2011 to CRM 2016 online and the challenge we have is that the Export to Excel feature has been degraded in CRM 2016 online. So we are investigating PowerBI / OData feed but the data set download takes far too long to make that work for us. Is there a way to limit the data downloaded to only those table(s) and columns we actually need? It seems it downloads ALL tables before we can apply the specific filters.


    • Hi Henri, I got your comment notification really late. Data load does take a bit of time to be honest with you. After the first time refresh you should be able to select entities and columns?

      • Thanks Deepesh. It seems though that each data query takes about the same amount of time. We have been looking at tools to only query for the entities and columns we need. They do exist but w have had some mixed results with those. Especially when we need related data (I.e. REFERENCING COLUMNS). the tools don’t surface them but the native POWER QUERY does.


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