{POWER BI} Unleashing POWER BI to do Map based analytics

Do you have data stored in CSV/Excel files and wished you could do some map based analytics with it. Well POWER BI lets you do all of that?

Here I have collected a random data of my Blog traffic across regions and am uploading this into POWER BI desktop:


Launching POWER BI desktop:


Once Loaded:


Now I can do some insights on this data:

On visualizations I took Filled map, Chose Country as Latitude and Hits as Longitude:


Here is the result:


Not only did it plot all content, it has relevant tooltips for each region with color encoding:


Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Well, just wait. The next thing I am going to show is I am going to get Hits added to the filter, For this I am just dragging the field for Hits to Page Level filters area:


Once dragged, it will look like below:


This coloured up regions where there were more than 100 hits:


In case you need any assistance for POWER BI, just get in touch.

Hope this helped!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/msdynamicsblog
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepesh-somani-00296932

Google Play Store:



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