{Power Resolution} Solution import failure fix for Sales insights dependencies

Problem statement: In a recent project, we were evaluating Sales insights for the customer in Development environment. When we tried to move solution to QA for Sales development that was going on we faced an error in import:


Resolution steps:

Uninstall Sales insights from Dev environment by deleting the solutions in following order:

· SalesInsightsAddOn

· SalesInsightsMDLConfig

· msdyn_Conversationlntelligence

· msdyn_SalesRouting

· msdyn_segment

· msdyn_acceleratedsalessitemap

· msdyn_acceleratedsales

· msdyn_sequence

· msdynce_RelationshipAssistantAddOn

· msdyn_connectiongraph

· PredictiveLeadScoring

· PredictiveOpportunityScoring

· PredictiveForecast

· msdyn_PredictiveScoringCommon

· RelationshipAnalytics

At certain solutions you will get dependency issues, here is the resolution

For Sales Acceleration solution, we got below error:


Solution: Remove sequence control from Opportunity(form)

For Relationship analytics solution, we got below error:


Solution: Remove Action Cards control from Opportunity(form)

After following these steps, Sales insights components were able to be removed from the Development environment.

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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