{CRM 2016 Update 1} Step by Step: Embed Power BI Tiles in Dynamics CRM Online

Ever been in a situation to do advanced analytics with CRM online?

Now there is a way to embed POWER BI tiles right into your CRM Dashboard!

First things first ! Go to Power BI website for a login:


You can choose Get Started free:


On this screen, since I am signed into Office 365 and just said Start:


Next you will be presented with a welcome screen, Pick My organisation:


Then choose Services, Search for Sales and Pick Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:


Choose Oauth2 for authentication and specify Organisation Data service URL:


Once setup, you will have Sales Performance Dashboard in POWER BI!


Now, For CRM Configuration

Go to Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings.

On the Reporting tab in the Allow Power BI tile embedding option, select Yes to enable.


Cool, Now go to Sales-> Dashboards and Click New


Select the POWER BI Tiles you want to choose:


Hit Ok, same way select others and Save Dashboard.


Awesome, Power BI right into your CRM Dashboard!

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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