{CRM 2016 Update 1 Tips} Step by Step: Auto folder creation to SharePoint with Dynamics CRM

CRM is changing and very quickly – The way we guys configure and use CRM is also changing very fast.

This is a quick publish article covering a great new feature my colleague recently updated me on for CRM 2016 Update 1.

Remember the requirement where we needed to write custom code to automatically create SharePoint folder for document management when any entity was created.

Something like this: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/aeonnexuscrm/archive/2015/10/02/auto-create-sharepoint-folder-in-crm-online

Well, now it’s all configuration!

Here is a step by step:

· Go to Settings -> Document management -> Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration


· All Topologies are supported now, in my case I am doing Online so selected the same:


· Apply SharePoint site URL and Click Next:


· Click Enable


· Success Message! Click Finish and before doing that Check the checkbox:


· Start selecting the entities(In my test org Account is renamed to Department) and mention SharePoint URL, Click next:


· Select as per below screenshot, notice that there is option for Automatic folder creation:


· Click Next and then Finish:


Now for some quick check: Created an Account:


Document folder was automatically created:


From SharePoint:


Great work Product team!

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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7 thoughts on “{CRM 2016 Update 1 Tips} Step by Step: Auto folder creation to SharePoint with Dynamics CRM

  1. Verry nice, thank you!
    Can you select the auto-creation by entity or is it all or nothing?

    Is there now a way to show the Document Associated Grid on the Form?

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