{Experience} New CRM for phones app available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

The new version of Phone app is out:


I gave it a quick try of the Android app and here is a rundown of my experience.

As soon as the Phone app is opened, first screen visible is:


It seems a lot neater UI and first thing I noticed is the swipe kind of marker available. Once, I swipe the marker, I am in the second area of the dashboard:


Clicking on the Menu(marked in yellow) opens up the following:


Changing dashboards(bottom of the screen 3 dots):


Available Dashboards:


Entity forms:


Swipe on the entity forms takes to other sections:


Entity ribbon (Bottom 3 dots):


Multi entity search (Button on top highlighted in yellow):


Overall, very nice version on the first experience. Great work by Product team, Give the app a try.

Note from the msdn blog:

  • The CRM for phones app requires Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Update 1.
  • The previous version of the CRM for phones app is still available in app stores, but it’s now called CRM for phones express.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!


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