{Step by Step} Set up server side sync with CRM 2015 Update 1 Online and Office 365

I have been getting mails on how to set up Server side Sync with Dynamics CRM. Now that I had the time, I quickly set up this step by step guide:

· First you need to go to Office 365 Console->Active Users


· Click on Edit license and Assign Office 365 E3 License or Exchnage plan to your office 365 user:


· Office 365 setup for the user is now complete. Next navigate to Settings->Email Configuration


· Once you navigate, you will see below screen. Navigate to Email server Profiles.


· Verify that the profile is already configured for you. Check Alerts, if any:


· Navigate back to Settings->Email Configuration->Mailboxes


· You will see below screen:


· Open up the mailbox record:


· Click on Test and Enable Mailbox, keep the checkbox checked. I will explain later why.


· I noticed an error, did I do something wrong, All Configuration test results are failure:


· Go to Alerts and you will see the reason. We need to approve Primary email for the mailbox.


· Click General and Approve Email:


· Test again, this time it is success:


· The checkbox that you clicked earlier will send you a test email to your inbox:


· We are done, now some incoming and outbound checks, Sending an Email activity:


· Status is changed to Sent:


· Received in my inbox:


· Replying an inbound mail:


· Soon enough in CRM:


Happy CRMing and hope it helps!


7 thoughts on “{Step by Step} Set up server side sync with CRM 2015 Update 1 Online and Office 365

  1. Deepesh,
    Good article! I have an question here. We’re using CRM online 2016, Exchange 2010 on-Prem and all users have CRM Outlook add-in. To make thing easier, can I only subscribe one E3 license as the services account and we will use this account to send workflow emails? or all the CRM users need to be on E3 plan?

    • Hi Calvin,

      Thanks for your appreciation. In case you are using Exchange on-premise i do not think you need any licenses for emails.

      Licenses will be required for users who want to be send emails only if you are using exchange online.

      Thanks and Regards,

      • Deepesh,
        Thanks for the quick response. I understand on server-side sync, there’re options like CRM online to Exchange Online or CRM online to Exchange On-Prem. I think the CRM online to Exchange online server-side sync seems to easier to configure. My question was does it make sense to have one Exchange online account to do the workflow email while all other users stay on CRM for Outlook?
        Thanks again!

      • Hi Calvin, I normally prefer only one mode of integration either exchange on premise or exchange online which is the recommendation from Microsoft as well. Any other queries or CRM work let me know, will be happy to help.

        Thanks and Regards,

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