This is a question which I wanted to write about since a long time. One of the thing which needs to be clear to clients, companies when we work on projects is the role of a consultant and role of the developer in the projects. This becomes more important when we have larger implementations and multi-geography teams and deployments to handle.


CRM consultant’s is an expert who will visit clients (or be a semi-permanent contractor in an organisation) and advise them on their CRM systems, train employees in

the use of the CRM systems, configure/set up/customise their CRM systems and possibly design/develop software for that organisation (or at least provide a design

spec/requirements for the software and manage the project with software developers).

CRM Developer’s will work on a broad spectrum of work, however, it’s likely to be designing/developing software for a specific purpose or design brief with little or no involvement with the end client.

Or it could be in-house software development for the IT systems of the company that you are working for.

CRM consultant’s is primarily a customer facing function and lot of it involved not only techno-functional skills but also communication skills, presentation skills alongside.

A Technical consultant will also need to possess great CRM and .net technical experience set as well.

CRM developer’s on the other hand is very hands-on job, primarily focused on technical delivery and to develop and package new services and/or offerings in line your organisation and client expectations.

CRM Consultant’s job is also to contribute to the participation in scoping, estimating and risk management efforts.

Also, to participate in building knowledge capital, improving the aptitude of your team by sharing your technical knowledge and experience.

CRM developer’s primary focus is to deliver code maintaining code quality, unit testing and fix bugs with least number of bugs introduced to the project.

CRM Consultant job is to suggest the best possible solution to problem and making it an easy job for the customer to select the best option.

It might be his/her job to complete technical delivery as well.

CRM developer’s need to have not only sound background of CRM but also of Unit testing frameworks.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!



  1. In short a CRM developer creates the programs or software and the CRM consultant knows how to teach and present this to clients. Of the two, I think the CRM consultant has the harder job. It takes a while before you are able to answer any questions about the software that will be used. What I mean, is that you have to know the software inside and out in order to teach its use to clients, and be able to address any concerns concisely. It takes a surprising amount of work.

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