WHAT to choose :Data Migration OR Data Integration in Dynamics CRM implementations?

Data integration is the process of standardising the data definitions and data structures of multiple data sources by using a common schema thereby providing a

unified view of the data for enterprise-level planning and decision making.


on the other hand, Data Migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems.

This process is most often required when organizations upgrade to new systems or change computer systems.


Dynamics CRM implementations often need to choose between this choice since CRM is all about Data.

A correct design time decision can often help reduce the complexity of design and cost of effort and implementation.

For eg, if one of the main focus of customer requirements is to centralize storage of Data, it is always better to think whether the business requirement is to have centralize storage or to have view

that there is centralized storage.

In terms of choice, If its just view of data to be looking centralized it is Data integration for CRM, else it is Data migration from heterogeneous sources to CRM.

This is just one business case to explain the choice.

I will continue to pen more on this in the coming days and weeks. Happy CRMing!

Note: Definitions for the terms were binged!