{Quick Tip} How to convert your SQL expertise to Fetch XML expertise!

Sometimes, I feel that it is a tough nut to crack to write fetchxml for all sorts in CRM. With more implementations in CRM online and the need to do reporting using fetch xml reports it

becomes necessary to write the fetchxml.

So, I really appreciate the effort done by Kingswaysoft team in developing this online utility:


I gave some queries on this tool and found it quite useful.

Here are few examples:

Basic: A simple select statement on Filtered View Account entity:


Intermediate: A join between Account and contact entity:


Negative scenario: Though this is not realistic to convert below to FetchXML, I wanted to see the tool’s reaction to such a query. And it doesn’t break:


As you can see in the above screen, it doesn’t break and makes us understand the unsupported conditions.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!