{New Feature}Embedding Views in Forms without command and navigation bar (CRM 2013 SP1 and above)

When I was doing a CRM upgrade for one of my earlier projects (CRM 2013 Rollup 1), there was a requirement of showing unrelated records (no relationship entities) on VIEW on a form. We tried lot of approaches and ended up making custom web resources. IN SP1 for 2013, Microsoft product team has added a little wonder as a result of which now it is possible to achieve it (I also need to mention about my bond friend who actually asked for it and I came across this, Thanks bond Friend,anonymity is guaranteed to 007!)

So here is the screen for my form:


What needs to be done here is below:

Step 1: Make an html web resource, see code below:


<title>Live Feed</title>

<style type=””text/css””>

html, body {

border: none;

margin: 0;

overflow-y: hidden;

overflow-x: hidden;



<meta charset=””utf-8″”>


<body style=”word-wrap: break-word;”>

//Iframe here



Note: Notice URL of the view here:

“&cmdbar=false&navbar=off” in the end

Reference from MSDN:


This capability was introduced with the CRM Online Spring ’14 and CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 releases.

Controls whether the navigation bar is displayed and whether application navigation is available

using the areas and subareas defined in the sitemap.

· on
The navigation bar is displayed. This is the default behavior if the navbar parameter is

not used.

· off
The navigation bar is not displayed. People can navigate using other user interface

elements or the back and forward buttons.

· entity
On an entity form, only the navigation options for related entities are available.

After navigating to a related entity, a back button is displayed in the navigation

bar to allow returning to the original record.


This capability was introduced with the CRM Online Spring ’14 and CRM 2013 Service Pack 1


Controls whether the command bar is displayed.

· true
The command bar is displayed. This is the default.

· false
The command bar is hidden.

Step 2: Add this web resource to your form and you are done!

Ask your Query : Click here

Hope it helps!


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