CRM 2015: Customize the help experience


As an administrator for Dynamics CRM 2015, you can use the settings to override default Help at the global level, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Settings > Administration > System settings > General tab, as shown below:

Global custom Help in Dynamics CRM

To override the default Help for an entity, use the settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRMSettings > Customization > Customize the system > Componenets > Entity > General tab. You must first enable custom Help at the global level.

Entity level custom Help in Dynamics CRM

To append the parameters to URL, set Append Parameters to URL in the System settings > General tab to Yes. Specify the parameters that will be attached to the URL:

  • User Language Code: userlcid
  • Entity Name: entity
  • Entry Point: hierarchychart or form
  • Form Id: formid

Source: Technet

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Sometimes we get requirement to change the text colour for some fields in Dynamics CRM 2013 in order to highlight them in different colour. I wrote one for text field but recently got asked to change for Lookup field in a query. I do suggest that it is unsupported, but still as an experiment here it goes:

You can add the scripts on-load or based on some condition.

For changing colour during field is non-selected:

//Setting red colour


Now Lookup Field looks like this:


Note: This is unsupported script and may break in future if Microsoft changes something.

Hope it helps!