Using CRM 2013 Dashboard to show Live Traffic of Company Website

In current scenario of e-tailers (companies selling online), there are tons of things out there to listen to who is visiting the company page.

But what if someone wants to see live feed of Traffic visiting the company site?

Here is what I tried for my blog:


Yes, this is working from CRM 2013 Online dashboard. Now the question is how?

Well, first we need to get a URL to embed on company website from providers like FEEDJIT fairly simple.

Embed it on website to be tracked.

Now, how to show it on dashboard?

That is fairly simple, take a Web resource with following code:


<title>Live Feed</title>

<style type=”text/css”>

html, body {

border: none;


overflow-y: hidden;

overflow-x: hidden;



<meta charset=”utf-8″></head>


//IFrame with URL here


The last part is to add web resource to dashboard.

Some more interesting ones:

Embed Bing Search:


Hope it helps!


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