{Tips and Tricks} Configure Entity to be available in CRM 2013 for Tablets and Phones

This blog is meant to understand how to configure an entity to be available in CRM for tablets. Say I have a custom entity and want it to be available in CRM for Tablets. You need to go to Entity customization and work on the options mentioned in below screen. It will be the last option in Entity customization:


Detailed description below (Reference from MSDN)

CRM for phones

This entity will be available within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones application.

CRM for Tablets

This entity will be available using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets. You also have the option to make this entity Read-only in CRM for tablets.

If the forms for an entity require an extension that isn’t supported by CRM for tablets, such as IFRAME or web resource controls, use this setting to ensure that the data for these entities is not editable by people using CRM for tablets.

Now, this is the part when you need to configure it for custom entity, what about if you want to do it for system entity. There are loads of things to know here. Let us have a look at that as well:

(Reference from MSDN)

Only certain system entities are visible or can be used with CRM for tablets. The following table shows the entities displayed in CRM for tablets.

· Account

· Appointment

· Competitor

· Connection

· Contact

· Lead

· Note

· Opportunity

· Opportunity Product

· Phone Call

· Task

Note: The Connection entity is only available as part of the Stakeholders and Sales team on the Opportunity form.

Now, which system entities can be set as read only?

Except for the Activity, Connection, and Note entities, each of these entities can also be disabled so they won’t appear in CRM for tablets or they could be set as read-only.

Records for the following entities are only available in read-only forms:

· Case

· Email

· Email Attachment

· Product

· Team

· User

Case, Email and Product entities can be set so they aren’t visible in CRM for tablets.

Hope it helps!


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