{Tips and Tricks} CRM 2013 for Tablets: Configuring Entities for Multi Entity Search on CRM for Tablets

Some of my upcoming blogs will be around CRM 2013 for tablets. I was just trying to get my head through the IPAD application available for CRM 2013 for few demos. There is a feature for multi entity search available in IPAD application for Dynamics CRM 2013. The number of entities available for multi-search has been restricted. I sense this is for making the performance of search better. This blog is about how to configure entities which are available for multi search.

We need to go to Settings-> Administrator->System Settings:

Under General You will see a setting and Select button (Highlighted in Red) ->


Once you click select button following screen will appear:


The thing to note here is Originally Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, User, Competitor and Activity are configured for multi entity search out of the box.

Say, I also want to configure Case entity for multi-entity search: You just need to select Case and move it to Selected Entities by Clicking Add.

New configuration would look like:


Hit save or save and close on the top of the above screen and you are done. The entity will start appearing on CRM 2013 for tablets.

Next time you open your IPAD application you might see following screen:


You need to download the changes and you are done.

Hope it helps!