{Tips and Tricks} Security Role configuration required to access CRM 2013 for Tablets

I was trying to setup multiple users for roles other than Administrator to be able to access CRM 2013 for tablets but was somehow unable to see why they were not able to access CRM 2013 on IPAD app. I haven’t checked on the privileges in a while but remembered that the privilege name used to be called Go Mobile or something. Then, finally I figured it out. The privilege has been renamed:

Text reference from Microsoft site.

A new security privilege was introduced to provide access to use CRM for tablets. The privilege is called Use CRM for tablets.

Prior releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM have included a privilege called Go Mobile, which grants a user access to use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a mobile phone. To avoid confusion between the existing privilege (for phones) and the new CRM for tablets privilege, the Go Mobile privilege has been renamed to CRM for phones.

By default, this privilege is included for the following default security roles:

· CEO-Business Manager

· Salesperson 

· Sales Manager

· Vice President of Sales 

· System Administrator 

· System Customizer 

Now, how to configure it. You need to Go to the Security role intended and see the Business management tab:

You will find the privilege under the Privacy Related privileges:


As you can see in above screen, that was the cause for me not being able to access CRM 2013 for tablets for certain security roles. Once I configured it for the needed roles, I was able to access the app for CRM 2013 from those security roles.

Hope it helps!


{Tips and Tricks} Reconfigure vs Sign out on CRM 2013 for IPAD/Android tablets

As I already mentioned in my earlier blog, I am focusing to write some stuff on my experiences with setting up the CRM 2013 Tablet app for IPAD and summing it up with few blogs on it.

During demos and end user scenarios it is often the case that we need to sign out or reconfigure the CRM app on tablet. Here is a quick tip on doing it:

You might choose between sign out on the app or reconfigure the application, depending on what the scenario is. You need to navigate to more commands and pick the option. Refer screen below:


Here is a description of when to pick what (Text reference from Microsoft site):

Sign out

Signing out deletes data and authentication tokens from the cache, and it also deletes cookies on iPad and Android tablets. Signing out does not delete metadata. This means that if a user signs in again after signing out, a metadata sync is not required before using the application again, which can save a few minutes when you sign in.


Reconfiguring deletes all data and metadata from the cache.

If you sign out from one organization and sign in to another, and use the Reconfigure option on the second one, your metadata will still remain for the first organization. If you want to remove your metadata from the first one, you’ll need to sign in to it and use the Reconfigure option there, as well.

Hope it helps!