{Quick Tip} Colour Sub-grid header panel in Dynamics 365 forms

Dynamics 365 has introduced lot of new features – one of which is the ability to provide panel colours to the sub-grids on Dynamics 365 forms.

Please have a look at the Opportunity sub-grid available on the Out of Box Dynamics 365 Competitor form and notice the change of colour on the Opportunity panel below:

A. Royal Blue Tone:


B. Light Orange Tone:


Wondering, how this was achieved? Follow the below steps for customizing sub-grids to your needs:

Navigate to the form editor for the intended form, Select the required sub-grid and click on Change properties:

On the Property window, notice a new configuration available to set the Hex code for the sub-grid header:


Set OK, Save and Publish the customizations to reflect the changes.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing.

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