{Quick Tip} How to learn making GRID HTML Web Resource in Dynamics CRM

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I get lot of queries and it takes lot of time sometimes to research and point you to an approach and a direction to solve a CRM problem.

Today I am going to discuss one of such problems which people keep asking in Dynamics CRM regarding custom web resource development a lot. Specially, I have got a lot of queries about this.

Requirement: Create a Grid HTML web resource of unrelated entity data on a CRM form

Solution: We will point to a solution available from SDK.

Go to \SDK\SampleCode\JS\RESTEndpoint\JavaScriptRESTRetrieveMultiple

You will find a solution file to upload there:


Go to Settings->Solutions in your CRM organisations and Import the solution:


Once you double click and open the solution, you will see the following:


Page has dynamic binding for record counts(Setting to 10):


JavaScript used are available to view:


Also as Visual Studio solution in SDK:


I hope this is a good starting point for learning.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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